Sunday, October 25, 2009


Welcome to the best and most reliable source for information related to Response to Intervention in the state of Colorado.
I have just established this site with the intention of providing much needed RtI related information to teachers, administrators, and parents. I have had the pleasure of conducting training sessions with thousands of teachers and parents on RtI related topics of over the past few years. I thought it would be beneficial to put this information online so more and more individuals interested in RtI implementation in Colorado would have a single source to reference.
I look forward to building this site into a useful tool for you.


  1. Thanks! I am excited about getting this blog started. We will see if anyone reads it!

  2. Thank you Corey. I am very interested in following this site to make sure we are providing the supports, plans, and trainings that need to occur. Currently we are focusing our supports on the RTI leaders within our participating districts. This has helped but the bottom line is, RTI is about a culture change not just a peice of information people are lacking. Embedding the beliefs and supports need to occur at the building and district level or no amount of training will help move us to the next level of implementation with fidelity. I believe in RTI and will continue to support all efforts to move in this direction but at times I still know I need continuing support from all the leaders surrounding me to make this a success. This must be implemented and supported at all levels of educational leadership from the superintendent, principal, teachers, paprofessionals, support personnel, parents, and community. THIS IS A TALL ORDER but one that is worth the hard work in the end! I think the students will be the true winners as we move forward to make this a reality.
    Nita McAuliffe